Lithuanian Saturday Ethnoculture and Drama School Bitė is opened on Saturdays term time only. Classes run for 5 hours (from 9.30am to 2.30pm).
Qualified and experienced teachers and other professionals are working at the school.


Bitė welcome Lithuanian children and children with Lithuanian roots, aged 3-16, mixed gender, with no religious restrictions.

Lithuanian Saturday School is for Lithuanian speaking children to attend to.

Nonetheless we will be working together with other Croydon groups in order to provide the best support and information to Lithuanian families. Groups such as: Croydon Real Nappy Network (for environmental and health purpose), Friends of the earth (environment purpose), NCT breastfeeding counsellor (Health and family support) and other relevant groups will be invited to deliver talks which will be translated into Lithuanian language.

Why Lithuanian Saturday School Bitė is unique?

At school both children and families are involved.
We care about parenting. From the very first lessons parents get involved. During these lessons we are teaching traditional stories, sing traditional rhymes, lullabies and clap with children traditionally claps. During these lessons parents learn how to have a special time with their children, therefore these lessons are beneficial not only for children, but for family as a whole.

Lithuanian language is enforced through etnoculture and drama lessons.


The School Bitė will be ecofriendly as much, as possible. We encourage children to use recycled things. We are taking part on Minibeast art competition  (, it closely relates with school name (Bitė means Bee).
We run some Forest School activities too. The school learns children recognise grass, leaves etc. texture, scent etc. (
The students enjoyed making Forest Crowns.
In autumn term together with Woodlands Trust we will plant trees to make Croydon greener (
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